Hurry Up and Fail - A model for innovation

Taking risk is not a license for foolishness. This one hour discussion focuses on the need for "rapid prototyping" and the necessary leadership to promote a culture of structured innovation.

Practical Concepts. Operations Excellence requires a careful balance between consistency and innovation. This one hour discussion reviews the leadership mindset necessary to support innovation.

Change on Trial

Change Management is a culture buster. This one hour production encourages leaders to embrace a structured change management model to engage and energize their employees and promote a culture of quality and operations excellence.

Concepts with examples. This humorous review of Change Management Techniques is centered around an old southern trial judge holding court over a failed business leader. During the prosecution and defense we explore the best practices and excuses for not taking change management serious.

Leadership Introduction to Operations Excellence

Understand the Principles, Lead the Transformation. This three hour session reviews the key principles of Operations Excellence using examples pulled from your industry and your company.

Practical Concepts. Phone interviews and industry research customizes the operations management curriculum to terms that mean something to your leadership team.

Six Leverage Points for Leadership

Engage your leadership in a direct discussion of what it takes to achieve operations excellence. This four hour program explores the Six Leverage Points for Leadership in plan language speaking directly to leaders in terms they understand.

Practical Concepts. The Six Leverage Points presentation included times for personal reflection, personal notes and action plans on how your leadership will put these principles in action.

Leverage Gallery Walk

Combine the principles of Operations Excellence with a critical look at your leadership communication . This four hour program includes small group discussion periods leading to a framework for improved operations excellence leadership.

Concepts with a critical review. Phone interviews and surveys are used to create posters reflecting your companies use of the Six Leverage Points. A self critical review is followed by small group action plans to develop concise communication plans and personal plans for improved operations leadership.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Team Members. Yellow Belt Certification by Bellwether Advantage provides your staff with the tools necessary to succeed.

Practical Concepts and exercises. Phone interviews and industry research creates a Yellow Belt curriculum that uses real world examples in the classroom exercises. Participants receive Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.