Advantage Services

Knowledge Advantage

Knowledge Advantage© takes the mystery out of the performance equation. Bellwether understands that investing in professional services requires a clear indication of the return on investments. All of our Advantage engagements start with a low-cost diagnostic phase to identify challenges and issues. We report back to you with a detailed view of your opportunities and a clear understanding of what it will take to get there.

Performance Advantage

Performance Advantage© is a tool set designed for connecting strategy to execution. Planning isn't enough if your plans are followed by a time of waiting and hope. Performance Advantage© practitioners work with your staff and your data to create clear 'line-of-sight' measures placing your company's performance at your fingertips. Having a bird's eye view of how well your plan is doing and creating opportunities to re-evaluate plans, make adjustments and improve your probability of success.

Operations Advantage

Operations Advantage© is a series of techniques that help find and capture cost savings from your business operations. As much as 15-20% of your operating costs may be lost to activities that do not provide value to you or your customers. Operations Advantage© practitioners work closely with your staff, and within your operations, to define the exact steps necessary to achieve the operations advantage. Combining detailed analysis and real world execution, with a bias-for-action and results will help change your operation from a cost center to a competitive advantage. What other investment holds a 20% potential improvement on your bottom line?

Solutions Advantage

Solutions Advantage© is a well-defined modular approach to structured problem solving. Few challenges, big or small, are clear cut anymore. Solutions Advantage© is a customizable method of problem solving that is scalable to any challenge. Whether it's a short term effort to solve a single problem or a longer effort facing more complex issues, Solutions Advantage© will ensure that every aspect, opportunity and risk are accounted for.

Procurement Advantage

Procurement Advantage© helps ensure the money you spend to do business is creating the best value possible.Supplier relationships can begin with a clear purpose and a fair price - but over time it's hard to know if the products and services you buy from other companies are helping your business and bringing value to your customers. Procurement Advantage© practitioners will examine all of the service and products you purchase and help ensure you are getting the best deals and greatest value.

Risk Advantage

Risk Advantage© takes the guess work out of managing the risks of doing business in today's business environment . Risk Advantage© is a structured model for identifying all of your business risks, quantifying their probability and impact. The approach helps define early indicators for successful mitigation plans. Often companies improve the chances of success while simultaneously reducing their commercial insurance costs. Can you afford to take chances? With Risk Advantage© you can.