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Performance Advantage© is a tool set designed for connecting strategy to execution. Planning isn't enough if your plans are followed by a time of waiting and hope. Performance Advantage© practitioners work with your staff and your data to create clear 'line-of-sight' measures placing your company's performance at your fingertips. Having a bird's eye view of how well your plan is doing and creating opportunities to re-evaluate plans, make adjustments and improve your probability of success.

Connecting strategy to execution

Successful execution begins with the understanding that planning is a "results oriented process". Both the call-to-action in the planning process and the subsequent results are measurable at the operational level. These operational metrics help define the gap from your current-to-desired state and from the achieved-to-intended state.

Understanding what you can control is a critical part of the planning process. The key to finding results is to properly understand what can be controlled, and how to control it - and having clarity into what will impact results. Then, by taking deliberate calculated steps you will control your business and watch the results take shape.

Desired Results Controllable Items Measures
Increase revenue by 10%
  • Sales calls
  • Sample costs
  • Conversion Ratio
  • 10% growth = 1,000 new units
  • Average 100 units per sale
  • 25 sales calls per sale made
  • 250 sales calls required

This knowledge is important, but unless you can tie execution to your plan you won't grow. Performance Advantage© defines detailed actions needed by your staff, your partners and your suppliers to reach your goals. Precise measures allow you to judge your progress and make adjustments along the way.

All planning, even planning to stay the same, has risk. The Performance Advantage© detailed risk analysis model will identify those risks; calculate the probability of occurrence; project the impact should they occur and develop monitoring systems that will help avoid the unintended problems hidden in the business world.

It's a busy world and staying focused is the key to survival. Performance Advantage© coaching services provide a low cost method of monitoring your annual planning process, identifying challenges and creating solutions that help you achieve and continue to achieve the full value of your plan.