Solutions Advantage

A well-defined modular approach to structured problem solving.  Few challenges, big or small, are clear cut anymore.  Solutions Advantage© is a customizable method of problem solving that is scalable to any challenge.  Whether it’s a short term effort to solve a single problem or a longer effort facing more complex issues, Solutions Advantage© will ensure that every aspect, opportunity and risk are accounted for.

Disciplined Problem Solving

There are many ways to solve problems, some are intuitive and come from your years of understanding your business, your customers, and your industry. However, some challenges require or deserve a more intentional effort. At Bellwether we work with you to define the right structured approach to problem solving to meet your challenges head-on.

Fast & Direct – We work with your staff to target a specific issue, collect information and facilitate focused problem solving sessions designed for decision making and action. Projects normally require 2-3 weeks to complete.

Comprehensive & Detailed - Our team leads the charge through a five-phase project. Rooted in Six Sigma principles and tools. Bellwether will help you produce higher quality products or services that deliver more predictable outcomes for your customers and your financial statements. Projects normally require 12-16 weeks to complete.

Lite Touch – Aided by modern technology, we have refined our ability to work with your team remotely, only coming to your location for key meetings. We coach your on-site team, providing training and work quality reviews as they learn our techniques and solve the problem at hand. This is a “self-funding” staff development service. You will build valuable capabilities within your organization while addressing a complex issue. Projects normally require 10-14 weeks to complete.