Operations Advantage

Operations Advantage© is a series of techniques that help find and capture cost savings from your business operations. As much as 15-20% of your operating costs may be lost to activities that do not provide value to you or your customers. Operations Advantage© practitioners work closely with your staff, and within your operations, to define the exact steps necessary to achieve the operations advantage. Combining detailed analysis and real world execution, with a bias-for-action and results will help change your operation from a cost center to a competitive advantage. What other investment holds a 20% potential improvement on your bottom line?

Business Operations

Operations Advantage© is all about providing your products and services to your customers in the most efficient, most effective manner possible, all while creating a distinctive customer experience at a competitive price.

Our operations philosophies are founded in the Lean Six Sigma principles used in many leading companies.

Lean philosophy focuses on eliminating the waste in your business that may be robbing you of margin or causing frustrations for your customers.

Our Six Sigma discipline drives us to understand the detailed performance of your business ensuring that your business provides a predictable service that consistently meets the customers needs.

Operations Advantage© combines these technical tools with a focus on the development of your employees and managers of skills to succeed in a new way of doing business.

Bellwether Advantage has a real world focus that turns management theory into management action. Our practitioners have years experience identifying opportunities and turning them into detailed plans and concrete solutions that often capture savings within 30–90 days from the start of implementation.