Risk Advantage

Takes the guess work out of managing the risks of doing business in today’s business environment . Risk Advantage© is a structured model for identifying all of your business risks, quantifying their probability and impact. The approach helps define early indicators for successful mitigation plans. Often companies improve the chances of success while simultaneously reducing their commercial insurance costs. Can you afford to take chances? With Risk Advantage© you can.

Understanding Risk

Risks to your business come in many shapes and sizes. Some are obvious and reflected in your insurance premiums, while others may be hidden within your industry, processes, your location, or your customers:

  • Strategic
    • A competitor coming into the market
    • Protection of intellectual property
    • Product recall (yours)
    • Reputation
  • Compliance
    • Introduction of new regulations
    • Customer privacy issues
    • Employee Relations (HR)
    • Credit Card Compliance
    • Data Security
  • Financial
    • Non-payment by a large customer
    • Increased interest charges
  • Operational
    • Breakdown or theft of key equipment
    • Facilities & Equipment (Safety)
    • Business Interruption Risk
    • Product recall (vendor’s)
    • Transportation & Supply Chain

Bellwether’s Risk Advantage© models identify risks that can bring your business down or just create nuisance problems. We work with you to identify and measure risk creating risk mitigation plans and developing risk scorecards so you can monitor them over time.